Horse Riding

Half day rides

A charming half day tour which leads up and down winding roads with several nice opportunities for canter. We ride to the top of a field with magnificent view of the north as well as the south coast.

A half day ride through a very alternating and exciting landscape with grand nature and amazing views.

We ride on small roads and over pastures. A large part of the ride is on fields with milking cows. From the green pastures we have nice views over the middle parts of São Miguel.

Full day rides

Starting in the village of Calhetas on the north coast and ending in Livramento. During this day we will enjoy everything from lush green valleys, admire splendid sea views look at green pastures and ride through charming villages.

For lunch we will have a homemade picnic in nature.

An unforgettable day! This is like riding in a fairytale. The ride takes us along the volcano crater rim overlooking the twin lakes on one side and the ocean on the other.

The Hydrangeas, which border the crater rim, contrast the steep sides of the crater, creating a fascinating sight.

Inside the crater are the small and picturesque village of Sete Cidades and the twin lakes, where we enjoy a picnic lunch by the beach of Lagoa Verde, the green lake.

Smaller riding tours

From the farm we ride through the village of Livramento on small roads between the old high stone walls. We continue into the forest of "Mata Santa" (Holy Wood). Here we find callas, eucalyptus, acacias and bay trees.

We also pass the resting place of the animals guardian saint Lapinha.

This 2 or 3 hour ride will take you through the amazing Azorean landscape. The ride takes us on dirt roads, through villages and along fantastic stone walls, which are easily looked over from the horseback.